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sin city a dame to kill for

Release date: 2014.08.29
Genre: Action, Crime, Thriller
Plot: The town's most hard-boiled citizens cross paths with some of its more reviled inhabitants.

Chris Meloni Shares Funny Photo of the Family Dog Staring at His Junk



Not only does Chris Meloni have the "Best Ass in Primetime," but he also has an attention-grabbing crotch...well, at least to the dog.

The former Law & Order: SVU star shared a hilarious photo of the family pup staring at Meloni's junk (basically doing what a lot of us wish we could do without being creepy) on his Facebook page. He captioned the funny pic, "I will stare at your genitalia until u feed me.... #dogpsychology."

Life after SVU



After serving for thirteen years as Det. Elliot Stabler, the strapping actor has transitioned into film. Meloni sat down with Marlow Stern over coffee to discuss the end of SVU and his next chapter.

Christopher Meloni is a bit frazzled. When I meet him at cantina-like coffee shop downtown, he enters wearing a button-down shirt that looks like an optical illusion—a panoply of multi-colored lines whose rolled-up sleeves reveal an interior design of neon puzzle pieces.

Hot Guy/Cold Drink: Christopher Meloni



When you stop to get an ice-cold mojito with Christopher Meloni and sit in the window of Greenwich Village hotspot Horchata, people take notice. "I loved you in Harold and Kumar!" shouts one passerby on a skateboard before the Law & Order star has even swallowed his first mint leaf.

And though the 53-year-old is ridiculously funny — he possesses the kind of deadpan humor that gets better with every prolonged silence — women keep tripping over the locale's sidewalk chalkboard, trying to get a second look.

Fox cancels Surviving Jack


meloniSurviving Jack received pretty decent reviews, and Surviving Jack gets credit for showing us how good a comedy actor Chris Meloni is.

But the show was mired by dismal ratings. The show wasn't given a fair shake by being slotted outside of Fox’s Tuesday comedy block.

Surviving Jack ran behind an anemic American Idol — which, even in its heyday, has not been able to successfully launch a comedy series.